Build on the blockchain

Join a company that's changing the way people store and trade hard assets using the blockchain.

Very rarely do you get to work on such a revolutionary product as this.

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Build the initial product

Given our early stage, you will have direct influence over the product and its technology. Your work will help determine our customer's experience and the ultimate success of the company. Join our team to create the next innovation in digital money.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Creating liquid digital assets linked to our physical reality has never been done before. We are paving a new path of financial security and asset management that allows precious metals, commodities, real estate, and anything else to be digitized and traded P2P.

Create a new financial protocol

Nothing we do would be possible without the hard work of the bitcoin core devs and the broader Bitcoin open source community. Our company mission is to preserve the value of Bitcoin protocol by contributing back to Bitcoin core and to the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal Process (BIPS) with new approaches that we learn during our own development process.

Contribute to Bitcoin Core & crypto open source

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WANTED: Senior node.js Engineer to Pave New Path in Cryptocurrency

Our team loves all things node and wants to bring on another team member as we scale up our platform.

Location: San Francisco, or remote with visits to SF

Salary: very competitive, based on experience

Here's some of the things that you may lead during your first 30 - 90 days with us:

  • Architect the back-end of a high-performance marketplace
  • Work with bitcoinlibjs or bitcore to improve a BIP32 deterministic wallet
  • Work with a number of bitcoin API services
  • Create new integration and platform API for many partners
  • Penetration testing and security hardening of the platform
  • Help improve test coverage for critical application components
  • Establish best-in-class practice for deployment to production using Salt
  • Deliver new software experience to new users each day
  • Contribute a new idea or research to the nodejs and greater opensource community


  • Production active code that you can show and explain
  • 3 years of Nodejs engineering and architecture expertise
  • 5 years of production engineering dev expertise
  • TDD in Mocha or other test suite
  • Production, Staging, and development deployment
  • Rapid release dev cycles

Great, but not required:

  • Blockchain transaction engineering with Bitcoinj or other Bitcoin blockchain client library
  • ColoredCoin protocol interest and experimentation
  • Github contributions to a coloredcoin project

Remotes is totally cool if your code and test-suite sniffs smell "like roses".


Join a funded and growing company

Digital Tangible Trust is in stealth working to launch at the end of 2014. We are seed funded and already taking orders from customers in the US and internationally.

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